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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is there any age that your program won't work for?
Answer: No, however, the younger the better because less generalization has occurred.

2. How important is nutrition?
Answer: Nutrition is most important. It is the first thing to address. Food allergies, food addictions, hypoglycemia can all contribute to anxiety and or panic and yes agorophobia.

3. Does your program work with other programs?
Answer: If the other program promotes nutrition the answer is yes, if the other program promotes self awareness exercises such as breathing, relaxation skills, that program could very well cause defeat in over coming severe anxiety or panic. So the question is not whether this program works with any other program, it's whether the other program sets up unrealistic goals to accomplish.

4. I read your book and tried to apply the approach and I still have panic attacks, what's wrong?
Answer: Remember how it was to learn to drive a car with a manual transmission? Pretty simple in that all you had to do was gradually let out the clutch as you applied the gas, but was it that easy to learn? Especially if you were stopped going up a hill and had the gas foot on the brake. Now you had to get one foot off the brake and onto the gas pedal as you let out the clutch or you would drift back into the car behind you.  Remember how you jerked and stalled the car many times before you got that simple procedure to work. It's a good thing you couldn't question the mechanics of the car itself, otherwise you'd have been saying, "Cars don't work."

Well this program is a lot like learning to drive a car. It's pretty straight forward and simple--I mean real simple just like the clutch and the gas pedal. However, applying this simple philosophy may result in the same kind of frustration and anxiety you experienced trying to drive a car. This is why you may want to take advantage of personal coaching as most of us didn't learn to drive a car by ourselves, it certainly helps to have a coach--particularly one who won't yell at you if the engine stalls or you almost hit a stop sign.  This is why 15 minutes of free coaching is included with the program--to give you an idea as to whether you're on target and will experience self mastery or whether additional coaching will get you to your goal of peace of mind faster.