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Overcoming Shyness

How to Overcome Shyness (Cd rom) $24.95 - $19.95

 Over Come Shyness Cd $19.95

This is the one program that contains methods for releasing self doubts along with desensitization, and subliminal suggestions to release your potential.
Are you the wall flower? Indeed social anxiety disorder can be a serious hindrance socially and economically, or you can learn to use it to your advantage. This program treats it very seriously and through a hypnotic technique using desensitization, it guides you in freeing yourself from the clutches of social anxiety disorder.

 Since social anxiety disorder is a specific phobia, social phobia, the techniques used on this program are taken from the Overcome Phobia program proven extremely  successful with our clients at the Biofeedback Center. One primary difference is that the hypnotic induction for overcoming shyness includes a means of learning to profit from the social phobia. In other words, the secret on how to overcome shyness -- the cure for shyness -- gives you an opportunity to use shyness for your advantage. 

Yes, there can be freedom from social anxiety disorder and this is the one program that points you in the right direction. This program works for those who suffer both mildly and severely from the symptoms of social anxiety disorder. This is the shyness forum.

This classic program on how to overcome shyness accomplishes the same as other programs requiring a half dozen cassettes and costing well over $200 to accomplish the same results. Now that's a big promise. Read on to see for yourself how this program makes sense and how it can deliver its promise. After all, if it doesn't make sense to you then why waste your time. 

How to Overcome Shyness (Cd rom) $24.95 - $19.95

Over Come Shyness CD $19.95

What is a social anxiety disorder? It's a learned response and what has been learned can be unlearned. In other words, no one is born with a social anxiety phobia. Babies are naturally outgoing and full of enthusiasm.  

What are the causes of social anxiety disorder?  Social anxiety disorders are usually from early experiences that go  back to elementary or preschool times.  It becomes a learning experience in that the child suffers a traumatic embarrassment--usually with a peer. 

Are there other contributing factors? Yes, other factors that can contribute or be a result of a negative experience might be low self esteem, a goal orientated personality, an over emphasis of what others think to them. In fact, if it weren't for the fact that the sufferer cared about what others thought of him/her there would be no shyness or social anxiety disorder. Along with the traumatic embarrassment/s come comments from others, "they will think  you're stupid, dumb, a nincompoop, an ass..." It's difficult to say which comes first, low self esteem or shyness, or for that matter which causes one or the other. The end result, though, is that the sufferer usually has low self esteem with increased vulnerability and shyness.  

There also seems to be a personality contribution--maybe a shyness gene. I'm sure you've seen others who seem immune to being embarrassed--"they don't seem to have a shy bone in their body," said one client suffering from social anxiety and went on to ask, "they say and do stupid things in front of others and are never embarrassed. Why does it bother me so much? Why can't I be like that?" 

The answer is that these individuals are often very brazen and it rarely works for them in long term relationships. They may have some advantages short term, but in the long run that brazenness works more to their disadvantage whereas, one can learn to profit from shyness far more effectively than a brazen person can profit from brazenness. Although I have no data to support this statement, I suspect that the brazen suffer from more serious problems, i.e., brazenness is simply a symptom of something such as schizophrenia.  In other words, I suspect they are out of touch with reality.

And then of course there's acne. A physical contributing factor causing the individual to be extremely self conscious and overly concerned about what other's will think about his/her physical appearance. It's almost as though God is punishing the person with pimples for some transgression and the price is being a "wall flower." 

The phrase, "Self conscious," could be a synonym for "shyness." Self conscious about one's physical appearance--maybe the nose is
too long, big or short; or the hair to curly, straight, or thin; or the ears too big,; or the chin not there, or.... Usually there's been some teasing done by others at an early age that magnifies self consciousness and the irony is that the self conscious shy person goes through life looking at other physically ugly (in their minds) people who are socially adept and wonder, "how did that ugly person get so popular--it's more that what we look like. I got a great personality too, just that no one gets to know me."

What are the symptoms of social phobia?  The first and foremost symptom is avoidance. And when in a situation that provides an opportunity to socially interact, there are physical symptoms and mental symptoms. Physically, there might be increased sweat gland activity of the hands and arm pits accompanied with a heightened sense of nervousness with tense upper chest breathing, queasy stomach,  sometimes muscle tension in the shoulders, neck or head, sometimes hearing loss or extreme sensitivity to loud noises (music).  Mental symptoms are a significant drop of intelligence accompanied with fears of saying something or being noticed and looking or sounding stupid, dumb, asinine, unaccepted for some reason. The irony is that the sufferer, when enough courage is gained from drinking alcohol or maybe an illicit drug, finally approaches someone socially, his/her fears come to fruition and he/she is embarrassed further feeding the social phobia.  

Is there optimism for overcoming shyness? Yes, the most effective approach to dealing with extreme cases of shyness (social phobia), is to seek  mental and medical help  simultaneously. Your physician will prescribe something like valium, zanex,  zolof, or paxil to take the edge off. Mentally, the answers are to build self esteem and become desensitized to the fear of being embarrassed. 

Let's not get confused. We're not just talking about simple butterflies in the tummy, this is the kind of anxiety that can completely debilitates the sufferer. It forces him/her to avoid social contact that is important in social and professional growth.  There are over 100 different recognized phobias. Click here to see a very comprehensive list. Psychologist often treat them with psychotherapy or flooding (exposing the client direct to the fear producing stimulus, i.e. throwing the person who is afraid of water into a swimming pool; hypnotists with age regression; psychiatrists with meds.  And then there's those--perhaps in the same profession as those mentioned above--who move in a productive direction utilizing a form of desensitization. 

What does the Overcoming Shyness program do? 

This is the one program that combines hypnotic desensitization with a cognitive shift to free the individual suffering  from the social phobia in relatively a few number of sessions. The only thing missing on this tape is the biofeedback instrument used which is really a fool proof feedback tool for the counselor/therapist.

The program begins by having the person suffering from the social anxiety disorder change the name of it from phobia to a problem--problems have solutions. Then a hierarchy is established, i.e. a list of ten steps where the person accesses the level of anxiety associated with each step from a place where he/she is perfectly relaxed to where he/she feels 100% anxiety.

Next, the client through a cognitive shift learns how to shift from feeling like he/she is his/her own worst enemy to her/his best friend. He/she gains a full comprehension of the fear (fight/flight) response so it can work for him/her instead of against him/her. 

This is the one program that makes socializing an a, b, c experience, i.e., you do this, that, and the end result is freedom. This shyness forum gives you tips on how to overcome shyness and actually using this nemeses for your advantage in social interaction.  

All in all, everyone is different. One out of 30 people who listen to this program just once free themselves of the social phobia and build self esteem self confidence as if by magic. With all that they've done, the program is the catalyst that makes it all make sense. But don't expect it to work that way for you. You may not be that far along the path of freeing yourself of vulnerability and shyness or have been going in the wrong direction and it may take a few weeks with a supportive counselor to put it all together for yourself.  Additionally, should you still have a low self esteem, the Building Self Worth program definitely will benefit you. 

How to Overcome Shyness (Cd rom) $24.95 - $19.95


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