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Complete Four hour Program for Dealing with Panic and Anxiety Attack
on DVD Panic Busters eBook


Certification is in two parts
     3 hrs training
     3 hrs individual training and supervision

Total training and supervision fee is $600.00
Materials required--Panic/Anxiety series for the clinician* 


       Training Materials (included with training above or can be purchased separately):

 Panic/Anxiety Series consists of the following materials:
 Panic and anxiety five hour dvd for the clinician
 Light at the End of the Tunnel ebook
 Overcome Panic and anxiety 2 hr dvd for the client plus two
 cd's of the client dvd (including  bonus tracks)                                           
 Overcome Disappointment cd                                                                    
 Building Self Worth cd series                                                                      
 Enhance Creativity                                                                                      

                                                                                                Total value  $280.xx  for


This page describes the training available to become certified in this method. Please note that this certification will not count towards any other accreditation and is not recognized by any other professional organizations. You will have the knowing that you will be using the best technique ever discovered for the treatment of anxiety, panic, and agoraphobia.  And it will get you a lot of praise from your clients or patients.

This is an opportunity for you to "think outside the bun," -- if I may steal an older pun. And when your clients think "outside the bun," they will no longer need your services and will be glad to refer others to you.

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