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Overcome Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia, Acute Panic Anxiety Reaction, and Panic Anxiety Syndrome

Yes, there can be freedom from panic disorder with agoraphobia and this is the one program that points you in the right direction for the elimination of panic anxiety syndrome, and acute panic anxiety reaction.

Types of Anxiety:

Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Generally a low level anxiety that may manifest itself in typical and atypical symptoms. Typical symptoms are sweaty palms and arm pits, butterflies in the stomach, generalized feeling of anxiousness, difficult upper chest breathing, and an extreme desire to get away from where ever one is. Excuses are made, i.e., go to bathroom, get air, and so on.  Atypical symptoms can be something like digestive difficulties. Typically, a certain stimulus such as a specific location, person, event, or thing may bring on the anxiety. Untreated, the anxiety becomes generalized to other stimuli. Usually when the sufferer gets away from the stimulus, the symptoms subside. 

Agoraphobia: Panic disorder specific to open spaces. The first experience occurs in a large store, parking lot, or some such location. Soon, the sufferer develops a fear of open spaces (stimuli) and just being in the proximity brings on an panic attack with an overwhelming feeling that he/she will faint. Usually, as they get away from the open space, symptoms subside. Untreated, the agoraphobia generalizes to other open spaces. 

Free Floating Anxiety: This anxiety, either typical or atypical occurs without any particular stimulus and seemingly for no apparent reason with all the same symptoms and fears as with generalized anxiety.

Why does the anxiety become generalized? Usually the first experience with anxiety takes one off guard and is a surprise. Without direction and supportive counsel, the person begins worrying about what could be wrong with him/her. They begin planting suggestions (of course by accident), i.e., "What will I do if it happens when I'm doing such and such?" They remember the feelings and wonder what they would do it they happened while giving a talk, or trying to explain themselves, or while getting on a train, or ..... Before they know it, what they fear is happening and they become more and more afraid of losing control.

Phobia: The feelings a phobic feels may be exactly the same as the agoraphobic or the person suffering from panic disorder feels. In fact, using biofeedback instruments, one could not tell the difference between a phobic, agoraphobic or panic disorder. However, the phobic's reactions are to a specific stimulus, i.e. the fear of heights, bridges, closed spaces, dentists, and so on. If one is successful in eliminating the stimulus, then you have a perfectly normal person. Not to say, that one may not have more than one phobia. Even though the symptoms are very much the same, the path to recovery is entirely different.

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Diagnosis: Diagnosis can only be made by a trained medical or mental health professional. Self diagnosis can be misleading and costly in taking one down the wrong path. 

How to deal with panic disorder with agoraphobia, panic anxiety syndrome and acute panic anxiety reaction: The most effective approach in dealing with anxiety, agoraphobia, and panic attacks is to seek a medical help and counseling simultaneously. Your physician will prescribe something like valium, zanex, or zolof (if there's associated depression).

Let's not get confused. We're not just talking about simple butterflies in the tummy, this is the kind of anxiety that sends the sufferer to the emergency room with what is believed to be a heart attack only to be released hours later with a clean bill of physical health, a diagnosis of anxiety, and a lot of mental confusion, anguish, and disbelief. Disbelief in that they (the doctors), must have missed something. Eventually, this person gets the message and seeks a psychologist or psychiatrist for the treatment of anxiety disorder In some cases, things get so severe that hospitalization is necessary. 

The person may say, "I was living my abnormal normal life until such and such a day and then all hell broke lose and I haven't been the same since then. I just want to get back to my abnormal normal self."

There is good news and there is bad news. The good news is that once you are willing to get beyond self berating and face disappointments in life, the symptoms literally disappear. The bad news is that you may often create expectations from the path to freedom that set you up for failure. However, when you realize that you can only fail when you refuse to learn from mistakes, then additional good news emerges and the path to freedom from anxiety attacks becomes its own test from which the you can pass again and again until you literally forget what it felt like to ever have had the problem.

Let's be honest. If you suffer from panic disorder (panic attack) it's unlikely that this or any program will eliminate the symptoms by itself and it's unlikely that any medicine or supplement by itself will either. Yet with prescribed supplements or medicines and this program you may save months or years ineffective of therapy (counseling) and thousands of dollars in freeing yourself of anxiety disorder, agoraphobia and anxiety disorders. The key is to direct the counseling you may be receiving in the right direction.

Unfortunately most counseling is rather nonspecific and literally years of you life can be wasted in therapy. This is the one program that is specifically orients you in the right direction. In fact, you may use this program to direct your counseling and when your therapist asks, "what would you like to discuss in this session?" you will have a pertinent answer rather than talk about the first thing that comes to mind.

As you know, your attitudes contribute to your state of mind? It's well known that attitudes can make you happy, unhappy, upset, bored, excited... And specifically, a long history of suffering from generalized anxiety disorder and or anxiety attacks can result in depression. And this depression spurs more anxiety--a cycle that never seems to end.

Freeing you from panic disorder with or without agoraphobia, panic anxiety syndrome, and acute panic anxiety reaction is as easy as it is to:
1. get away from conclusions and switch to observation.
2. identify the disappointments in one's life.
3. learn to master dealing with disappointment and turn each one into an opportunity.

The power in the program is the combination of wakened hypnosis with a cognitive shift. This program uses hypnosis to enable you to identify the disappointments and deal with them honestly. That honesty will set you free. As the popular commercial says, "think outside the bun." You learn to think differently.

The program is one DVD in easy to understand terms. It contains everything necessary to overcome panic disorder with or without agoraphobia. It empowers you to become your own best friend instead of being your own worst enemy. The fear response is dissected in easy to understand terms such that you will move from attempting to control stress to learning how to flow with stress. You will understand how your personality feeds into the acute panic anxiety reaction. Most importantly, the relationship between disappointment and panic anxiety syndrome is explained thru which you can successfully refocus away from the flight response and deal with the real stresses and turn disappointment into opportunity for in reality life is often more about handling the disappointments than it is about the plans we make.

And if you've felt forsaken by God--life takes on new meaning as you free yourself from self incrimination and obsessing about the thing you did for which you thought you were being punished. 

Suppose you can't be hypnotized? Most think of hypnosis as staring at a focal point, while someone suggests that your eyes are getting heavy and heavier as you eventually close your eyes and go into a trance. This program does none of that--wakened hypnosis is used. You never have to close your eyes or even relax. In fact I've found that kind of hypnosis counter indicative to obtaining results. It can actually cause panic anxiety syndrome. Wakened hypnosis, on the other hand, is done simply through the power of specifically designed suggestions without relaxation or eye closure and is the best approach to deal with acute panic anxiety reaction. 

For example, suppose we wanted to have strangers exiting a building gaze skyward. Would we suggest that they look up because of some reason, big cloud or whatever?  You could suggest that, but the response would be minimal because we don't trust strangers and we'd wonder what the ulterior motive was.  However, if we located ourselves at a certain position within their view as they exited the building and timed ourselves to look up as these strangers would see us, most of these strangers would be curious about what we were looking at and would look up themselves.

Because we modified their behavior, they accepted this form of hypnotic suggestion which is a form of wakened hypnosis. Obviously, our goal with panic disorder with agoraphobia and panic anxiety syndrome is quite different than having strangers gaze skyward, none the less, wakened hypnosis gets you thinking, "outside the bun." And for the most part, you might say, as you listen and begin working the program, "there's no hypnosis, it's just plain old common sense!" And believe me, what's been, "outside the bun," has been there all along. 

How quick are the results? All in all, everyone is different. One out of 30 people who listen to this program just once free themselves of panic anxiety syndrome as if by magic. With all that they've done, the program is the catalyst that makes it all make sense. But don't expect it to work that way for you. You may not be quite as far along the path as some are or maybe you've been totally going in the wrong direction with your panic disorder with agoraphobia in which case it may take a few weeks of watching and listening to the program many times. Each time you'll hear something different and wonder why you hadn't heard it before. And then again, regardless of how many years you have suffered, or how severe the symptoms of acute panic anxiety reaction have been, you might already be on that path far enough such that watching or listening to this program just once is the catalyst for miraculous results. 

Overcoming Disappointment ultimately is the focus for which success is accomplished. To only focus on getting rid of panic disorder with agoraphobia thru techniques such as basic stress management, relaxation and breathing skills is akin to using a band aid for a deep laceration. By learning to overcome disappointment, the acute panic anxiety reaction dissolves. Of course the guidance from point A to point B is what makes it possible. No other program uses this approach and no other program produces these dramatic results. Your job is to think "outside the box" for total success.

Why this program? Why not? Order a hundred other programs--they are all very similar to each other. This is the one that is different and for that reason, can't be ignored. After all, if you order 10 other programs and still have the problem, then you need a new approach. It's OK, I never had the benefit of working with a client who just had his/her first difficulty with anxiety, it's always been after they've gone through ten or more years of hell, hospitalizations, behavioral modification, psychotherapy, biofeedback, hypnosis, EFT, and so on fighting panic  disorder with or without agoraphobia, panic anxiety syndrome, and acute panic anxiety reaction.

Guarantee! What about Guarantee? Go ahead and order the program, use if for up to four months and if you feel you haven't gained value, or it doesn't do what I say it will, return it for a full refund. click here for details. Please note that in order to qualify for refund, you are required to have completed the 15 minute phone consultation--no refunds given without having received the 15 minute phone consultation which is included with the program.

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Overcome Panic Disorder With or Without Agoraphobia for the Client. $99.95  

$69.95  Pt I & Pt II -- 2 hr dvd

Parts I and II of the Overcome Anxiety/Panic Attacks


Here's what you get!

Part I A one hour DVD program

checkWhy panic disorder with agoraphobia and acute panic anxiety reaction is a disease of ignorance

checkNutritional Component

checkWhy anxiety as opposed to headaches (how personality plays a factor)?

checkDifference between "Flowing with it" and "Control"

checkThe power of Wakened Hypnosis and the magic of observation and the dangers of conclusions.

checkThe power of the Cognitive Shift (a simple change in thinking eliminates panic and anxiety disorders).   

Part II 

checkDisappointments and the connection to panic anxiety syndrome. 
checkHandling and dealing with emotions
checkProfiting from disappointments
checkPart II is the same as part II in the professional program click here 

In addition to the DVD of parts I and II--you will receive:
• CDs of Parts I and II which also include bonus tracks
(you can listen to the program as you drive):
• How to deal with the mind's desire to test your improvement along the way.
• Outward Observation Exercise
• Over Come Disappointment CD
• Light at the End of the Tunnel E-book--a $39.95 value
• Fifteen Minutes Telephone Consultation

An extra dimension--phone consultation. Often times we hear what we want to hear and not what is really said which is why included with the DVD program for only $69.95 is included a 15 minute private phone consultation---just to make sure you get the right message.  


Therapists can order the client programs in bulk and save:
   2 programs (includes Part I and Part II) for
$39 ea. 


4 complete programs for $29 each


8 complete programs for
$25 each



Overcome Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia for the Professional.
This five hour DVD program plus Parts I & II of the Client Program includes all of the above and has everything in cook book style to work with client suffering from panic/anxiety disorder. Click here for details  $149.95  *


                    * Please note that you need not have a paypal account nor do you need to establish one to pay with paypal--simply use any credit card.

Overcome Disappointment CD

 Over Come Disappointment cd $14.95

The CD is included with Parts I & II above, but can be ordered separately. It is replete with many case histories from which one can identify and learn. 

Results Guaranteed or your money back!